Delivering the best of logistics through technology

We're a different kind of logistics. Using software and technology, we're able to provide customised and unique logistical solutions, through aggregation and coordination, within Southeast Asia. Join us!

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About Janio As A Business

Our company van with 2 staff

Business To Consumer (B2C)

Empowering business owners and simplifying logistics across Southeast Asia

Our customisable and end-to-end cross-border solution is powered by in-house technology, and fulfilled through the Janio Network. It is tailored and supported by the expertise of our people in each Southeast Asian market.

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Business To Business (B2B)

Enabling businesses with cost-effective, cross-border inventory shipment

We supercharge other businesses' Southeast Asian plans by leveraging all modes of freight, tailored for every market. Be it sea, air, or land, our B2B platform allows these businesses to manage and coordinate their products.

What’s In It For You

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Unleash Your Talents

Unbox your hidden talents here by working cross-functionally across business, tech and operations. Discover how your skills elevate the company, no matter the role. Develop, unleash your talents, and move up.

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Tradition Meets Innovation

Old practices in the logistics industry are in serious need of innovation. Logistics at scale needs great tech, people, and solutions to solve some of the oldest, most complex problems. Make mistakes, learn, adapt and gain 10x the experience.

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Drive The Change

At Janio, everyone is a key driver of growth — exhibiting ownership over their projects and finding and solving problems proactively. Speak boldly to be heard and make key decisions that could impact millions.

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Build Transparency

With a flatter hierarchy, you can expect transparent communication. We are open, straightforward, and uphold integrity. Ask us the tough questions, because we won’t mince our words. We’ll improve together as a team.

A Culture You'll Enjoy

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Medical Coverage

varies by location
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Local Reimbursements

where applicable
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Travelling for Work

where necessary
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Special Leaves

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Personal Development Sponsorship

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Team Meals

Feel the love when your team celebrates your birthday?

Whether we're in the office or working from home, we'll be ready to send our best wishes on your big day with cakes – or just an outpouring of Slack messages!
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Town halls are our largest gathering across local offices, in a single event.

office staff volunteering in the warehouse

We occasionally supplement our warehouse strength with volunteers from corporate headquarters! It's always a grinding but fulfilling experience to help move parcels even quicker during peak seasons to our customers.

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Life At Janio

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Awards We've Picked Up

LogiSYM Supply Chain 2019
Top 20, Digital Transformation
Source (PDF)
our LogiSYM award medal
our rice bowl startup award medal
Rice Bowl
Awards 2019
Best Newcomer
Source (Facebook)

The Teams You’ll Work With

The Teams You’ll Work With

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Our Office Locations

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