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What A Month Of Internship At A Startup Does To You

Q: Share with us your background and time in Switzerland. Why did you decide to take up an internship with Janio when you came back, and what are your career aspirations? 

My few years in Switzerland have really been eye-opening! I had the opportunity to immerse myself in a culture unfamiliar to my own and got to mingle with others from a diversity of backgrounds. This helped me to broaden my perspectives and come to the realisation that not everyone sees the world through the same lens because of the different environments each person is accustomed to when growing up.

I chose to complete my thesis remotely in Singapore because the COVID-19 situation seemed set to worsen globally. At the same time, I was also looking for opportunities to hone my skill sets in Digital Marketing — this led me to applying for an internship here in Janio!

Q: Briefly tell us about your team. In what ways have they been welcoming, and how does everyone work well together to deliver the business objectives? 

I’m part of the Singapore Marketing Team! Since we are pretty lean, there is a lot on each person's plate, but we organise and coordinate well despite our busy schedules. Everyone pulls their own weight and shares common goals for the team and company.  My team is also very supportive towards each other and were very welcoming when I first joined. They were patient enough to guide me through new areas that I was unfamiliar with and taught me a lot about the logistics field and Janio – both areas which were completely foreign to me before.

Q: You’ve joined the team in just over a month now. Even though it’s been a fairly short period of time, what are some of the learning experiences and growth opportunities that you’ve been exposed to? 

I’ve learnt that it is very important to be adaptable and well-equipped with problem-solving skills. These two traits, I feel, are paramount in any work setting because new issues surface almost everyday, in every facet of our work, and in different forms. We should be agile enough to shapeshift according to the situation. I believe I’m still a work-in-progress when it comes to these traits, and hope to constantly get better at them when presented with opportunities.

I’ve always had a strong interest in Digital Marketing and this internship, so far, has allowed me to navigate through the field in a more comprehensive manner. I haven’t found my primary area of interest yet, but my role in Janio provides me with room to explore different domains of digital marketing which you may not get in a larger company. By the end of my time here, I hope to be able to seek out my ikigai!

Q: Tell us about one notable/interesting project that you’ve worked on so far (or are helping your team with), and how it has made an impact on your team’s goals.

One of our team’s objectives is to raise awareness of Janio’s brand name, and we’ve been working on this through our most recent marketing campaign. In light of the COVID-19 pandemic, this campaign's focus is to let customers know that Janio will be there for them to tide them through difficult times. Through advertisements and direct outreach, we hope to be able to raise Janio’s brand recognition regionally by the end of it! Moving forward, I would like to eventually get the opportunity and confidence to spearhead more projects and campaigns to value-add to the team and the company.

Q: What has your internship experience been like in a startup so far? Any advice or tips for individuals who are looking for an internship? 

Working in a startup is definitely an experience like no other. Change is really the only constant, since priorities and plans tend to reshuffle fairly quickly. At the same time, it is a fruitful learning experience to get the opportunity to dabble in different work areas and learn quite a fair bit.  Since there are many hats to juggle, it is important to manage your time well in order to avoid falling behind in your schedule!

One pro-tip I would give to people looking for a potential internship is to seek one that allows you to grow, both in hard and soft skills and explore a wide range of skill sets, especially if you are unsure of what you want to do in your career just yet.

Anything else you would like to add?

Shoutout to my entire marketing team, especially Ben, for being so patient in showing me the ropes and for being so supportive so far!


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