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Tips for Incoming Engineers

We're rounding up our tech series with a couple of tips for Engineers and Developers who are looking to explore a career with us. Take it from the experts who've collectively been in the industry for over 20 years now — our CTO and Head of Engineering share their greatest tips on making the best out of a career in tech.

Also, here's Part 1 and Part 2 of the series to get you all caught up.

Go For Employability Over Titles

Look At Things Holistically

Your Tech Skills Are Transferable

What You Learnt In School Is Still Relevant

A Skillset That Is Appreciated By Others And Yourself

Apart from living in the golden age of technology, tech continues to be a skillset that is highly valued and fulfilling. If you ask any programmer or developer, that sense of satisfaction that they get when they push themselves to build a solution (that actually works!) is a feeling of triumph that is hardly comparable to anything else. Not only do you get to build solutions with people who are very passionate and bright, but having core engineering skills also puts you in a great position of having a skillset that is a rarer find — which makes you unique and desired in the overall ecosystem. Now, that’s a great situation to be in.


We're still on the lookout for Software Engineers and Developers to join our team!

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