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The (Likely) Future of SEA Logistics

In this multi-part series, we delve into Janio’s technology from the lens of our Chief Technology Officer (CTO), Jagmal. Formerly the ex-CTO of Paisabazaar, and having successfully founded and sold a SaaS platform, we persuaded him to walk us through what the long-term vision of Janio is, and how it can emerge through tech.

The Potentialities of Fragmentation

“Geographically, Southeast Asia is very fragmented, with big cities, towns, and small islands scattered across the region,” Jagmal explained. Southeast Asia (SEA) has always been a collection of diverse countries and cultures, arbitrarily grouped together by its geographical proximity.

This Southeast Asia map answers the question: "What fragmentation?"

Logistically, this fragmentation poses a challenge for the delivery of shipments, especially to these individual islands (in the case of Indonesia, with approximately 6000 inhabited islands), since accessibility is limited. However, there exists smaller logistics players across the region — “mom-and-pop shops”, as Jagmal terms it — that already have the existing capabilities to deliver products in their local areas. Having them join us on board our platform would be advantageous. “We can tap on their familiarity and understanding in navigating around these areas to make our deliveries happen.”

At the same time, we can empower, enhance, and enable smaller logistics players across the SEA geography by increasing the demand for their services, while leveraging on their expertise and access to every corner of the region. In this way, we can reduce the need to invest in our own delivery fleet for every country, while simultaneously decreasing the time required to scale our operations.

“When they do partner with us, how can we then ensure the quality of their service, speed, and control?” he asked, rhetorically. “That’s where tech can bring in great value.”

Smaller "mom-and-pop" logistics players – local expertise

An Uber for Logistics?

The ride-hailing industry has been around for some time, he pointed out. “Why would they own a fleet of cars when they can tap on their drivers’ own vehicles, and utilise technology on their mobile phones to plan routes, oversee the customer experience, and the entire end-to-end experience?”

Technology has played a crucial role in enabling these entire experiences, which is where our product should be heading towards, going forward.

“With our service rooted in operations, our overall goal is to build up the tech systems that give us real-time data, so that we have complete control over the entire logistics life cycle, even down to the merchant and ground operations level.”

With real-time tracking, we will be able to have full visibility over each parcel’s physical location at every second, whom it is with, and why. From developing an app to oversee a parcel from the first-mile to the last-mile, we would also move on to planning the most optimal routes to make efficient deliveries. Of course, this also comes with the benefit of delighting our customers with ‘delivery nearby’ notifications.

In fact, once this system is in place, the cost of coordination will be greatly reduced, and as Jagmal enthusiastically puts it, “we can pass on these cost savings to our partners!”

The Path and the Potential

You may be wondering – is Janio a logistics company? “Well, the potential value is going to be far bigger than thinking purely in terms of being a logistics company doing operations,” he said. “The direction is to use technology to own the entire end-to-end logistics experience. We’re still in our early stages of working towards that.”

Eventually, Janio will be a company that builds systems we can all trust in helping us measure the efficiency and effectiveness of our ground staff and network partners, while bringing in untapped players across the region. We’ll be able to achieve all of these with a high level of confidence that our technology will enable us to maintain excellent service standards across the region. 

If this vision excites you, then you’ll find a home for your talents right here with us!

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