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From Intern To Full-time: Learnings And Differences

Q: Why did you decide to take up an internship with Janio? 

I was looking to apply for an internship after finishing my thesis, and was waiting for my thesis defense schedule. So, when I saw an internship opportunity at Janio, I thought, ‘why not?’ and started looking further into the kind of company Janio was. From what I saw on Janio’s website, including some of their Instagram posts, I thought that Janio would be a fun company to work for and learn from, at the same time. Moreover, seeing that they were a startup, I was sure that this would be the right environment for a fresh graduate like me.

Q: Briefly tell us about your team. How does everyone work well together to deliver the business objectives? 

I am part of the Indonesia Commercial team. All of my teammates come from different backgrounds and experiences, which has allowed me to learn a great deal from each of them. Despite their unique differences in character and working styles, they are pretty solid as a team. When I first got to know them, I was amazed that they all had the same vision for the company. They were very warm and welcoming – they saw me no less than a full-timer, and guided me in learning more about what Janio had to offer from the very start! Everyone works so well together, and just by observing the way they worked both individually and collaboratively, I gradually understood the team’s objectives for the company, and how I could best contribute to achieve them.

Q: What are your career aspirations, and how has this internship facilitated your interest in this area? Did it also affect your decision to become a full-time staff?

As a fresh graduate, I didn’t really know which career path to pursue. However, one thing that I knew for sure throughout my college years was that I wanted to build a career where I could communicate to, and with, as many people as possible. 

I’m happy to say that when I first joined the company as an intern, I was given many opportunities to do just that, which made me even more interested in the work I was doing! Building rapport, communicating, and persuading people is what I enjoy the most. I may not be best at it, but I enjoy every bit of the learning process. It really helps with my communication and interpersonal skills! 

This eventually became one of the key factors that contributed to my decision in becoming a full-time staff member at Janio, since I had learned so many different skills within just three months into my internship. The other factor that played a part in my decision was Janio’s working environment, and also the belief that there are other skill sets I have yet to unlock while working with the people here.

Q: What are some of the skills or traits that you’ve picked up during your internship that will stay with you into this full-time role?

The problem solving skills. I’ve learnt to attempt problems on my own first, and if they can’t be solved, I’ll seek help from my co-workers. 🤣

Also, I’ve learnt how to improve on my communication skills through my work. This includes communicating well to my clients, and internally within the company. This has been an ongoing learning journey since the beginning of my internship days, and I’m still learning it all now.

Q: How was it like interning in a startup? What are the differences between interning and now working full-time?

Interning in a startup is no joke! It was hectic in some ways, but could also be fun when I had opportunities to learn beyond my scope of work and to understand other functions of the business.

One of the differences between being an intern and a full-timer is the responsibility that falls on me. As a full-time staff, I’ve been given many more responsibilities, and held to higher expectations than when I was an intern. Also, now that I’m a full-timer, I get to work towards gradually shaping my own career path and the areas I’m keen to pursue in the future, while working at Janio. 

Is there anyone you’d like to give a shout-out to for making your experience at Janio great so far?

To be really honest, almost everyone that I’ve worked with has contributed to creating a great Janio experience for me so far. So, I think it’s impossible to mention each and every one of them. But there’s Raquel, who has been a very kind co-worker and friend from my very first day up till now! She’s made sure that I’ve had a pleasant experience all these while, while also helping me to grow as a person – even for matters outside work. In all, she has taught me a lot of things, so a big ‘thank you’ to you, Raquel!

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