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Build a No-Code Career Website for under $500

No, it wasn’t a single static WordPress page.

When working in a startup like Janio, managing resources is one of the key components in building a sustainable business. With a limited budget each year, we have to create high value projects with minimum spend. Here’s why and how we built a fully functional career website with US$450… and 1 person from HR.

There are no other hidden costs – just a static $450 annual recurring cost. To put that into perspective, that’s $4,500 over 10 years, equal in cost (or less) than any of your internal apps’ annual invoice!

Why did we do it?

As a small regional HR and recruiting team, a career website would be able to serve 3 objectives. Firstly, to increase visibility of Janio as an employer; secondly, to improve the candidate experience; and lastly, to enhance the employer brand through content and storytelling. We believe that each department deserves their own showcase, and each employee — his or her own story. 

This unique opportunity presented itself as a challenge to us, and happened to be in line with our core value of Excellence — where we strive to suggest, improve and simplify our processes all the time.

We also wanted to keep the project scalable yet nimble, preferring to do it in-house rather than outsourcing it to an agency, so as to maintain more visibility over the website and its contents.

How did we do it?

Of course, it was never as simple as it sounded, but neither was it impossible. The challenge was to find existing tools that could help us accomplish what we wanted to do at the lowest possible cost.

After some deliberation, we decided on Figma, our prototyping tool. We also used Webflow as our website designer, and Integromat, our DIY data integration platform.

Tools & Services Used

Figma, Webflow, and Integromat

There are many specialised web-based tools today, and we did a little research and testing on our own. If you happen to be familiar with website design, you’d know that there are typically three main phases to the process - research, prototyping, and design. After some deliberation, we decided on Figma, our prototyping tool. We also used Webflow as our website designer, and Integromat, our DIY data integration platform. These tools helped us to get through the process with little to no difficulty, as they were brilliant at what they were built to do.

We took inspiration from many great career pages and websites like Grab, Lyft, Spotify, Tokopedia, and Shopee, but worked to create something that was more consistent with our brand, and one we could call our own. (A huge shoutout here to our Creative team who've created a comprehensive Corporate Brand Guide for us to refer to!)

Time Taken

The overall project took about 3 months in total, with the prototyping phase taking the longest, as we went through multiple users to test the interactions and flow for existing bugs and issues.

If you’re thinking of embarking on a similar project, be prepared to commit to a similar, or longer, timeline that may span 1 - 2 quarters of your OKR! Yup, we use the OKR (Objectives and Key Results) framework here at Janio to plan, execute and measure our deliverables.

Cost Breakdown

The total cost primarily consists of the domain purchase, site hosting, additional plugins and (mid volume) integration.


We did it. A fully functional, high-quality website for $450 (per year). Feel free to browse the entire website. In fact, this solution is flexible enough to allow up to 3 content editors to make changes to the content directly.

It was a really exciting project that emerged through experimentation. Janio is a young company, and we have so much more to improve on, and so much more potential to shape the logistics industry.

We’ll be elaborating more on our Career Website technicalities in Part II, so keep a lookout for the next article here on our blog if you’re interested!

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