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Network Operations Manager

Fixed Term Full Time

What to expect in this role


Janio is a cross-border smart logistics solutions provider in Southeast Asia (SEA), connecting merchants, logistics partners, and major industry players across the globe. As we advance towards building this integrated end-to-end logistics network of key players, our evolving data-intelligent platform will empower SEA’s ecommerce businesses to scale quickly and reliably.

Our platform will look to use AI and machine learning to enable real-time tracking, route optimization, warehouse management, and dynamic forecasting — in order to build Southeast Asia’s leading logistics network.


  1. Responsible for the setting up and implementation of Value-added services of Global Accounts.负责全球客户增值服务的建立和实施。
  2. Responsible for all operational activities in HKG, SZX, TPE (pick up of cargo, export clearance and air freight into ASEAN markets) .Ensuring all operational costs are accounted for and securing the accounts remain profitable.负责所有在中国香港,中国台湾和中国大陆的运营活动(提货,出口清关和空运到东盟市场)。确保所有运营成本的核算,确保运营服务保持盈利。
  3. Work with various Janio partners (freight forwarders, truckers, customs brokers) to ensure that current client requirements are met and also to solution for new business projects. Accountable for service performance and working with customers and network partners on service improvements.与各种Janio业务伙伴(货运代理,卡车司机,报关员)紧密合作,确保满足当前客户的业务需求,并为新业务项目提供解决方案。为公司运营服务表现负责,与客户保持紧密联系,和合作伙伴一起持续改进服务。
  4. Participate in all product development processes with HQ and within the region.参与总部和所辖区域内的所有公司产品的开发和设计过程。
  5. Ensure all enquiries from origin or destination quotations are responded to as part of the B2B process.创建B2B服务流程,确保所有来自发货地或目的地的询价都得到有效回复。
  6. Develop action plans to ensure Operational KPIs are achieved.制定有效的团队工作计划,确保团队工作完成KPI要求。
  7. Take the lead and implementation of new business and set-up of SOP whenever a commercial team requests.当销售团队提出服务要求时,需领导运营团队实施新业务并建立SOP。
  8. Responsible for the Air-freight import and export operations, including Customs clearance and terminal clearance. Understand airport & aircraft operation. Must have knowledge of Build Up Pallter, Dangerous goods handling and requirement and fully complies with LATA rules and regulations.负责空运进出口业务,包括清关和终端清关。熟悉机场和航司订舱排板的操作。必须了解堆垛托盘,危险品处理和运输要求,并完全遵守LATA的规章制度。依据公司的运营情况,负责建立规范、高效的运营和客服管理体系并优化完善、做好供应商资料管理及关系维护,降低物流运营成本,提供优质的运营和客户服务。
  9. Responsible for coordinating and following up with relevant departments and completing other tasks assigned by company leaders.负责与相关部门协调和跟进,完成公司领导交办的其他工作任务。


  1. Bachelor degree or above, regular features, physical and mental health, no bad habits.本科及以上学历,五官端正,身心健康,无不良嗜好。
  2. At least 8 years working experience in cross-border logistics industry, at least 5 years working experience in cross-border logistics operation management.8年及以上跨境物流行业相关工作经验,5年及以上同岗位跨境物流运营管理类工作经验。
  3. Strong working knowledge of HKG, SZX, GCN AIR Freight and customs clearance in e-commerce space.熟悉中国香港,中国台湾和中国大陆的航空货运及电子商务领域的清关工作。
  4. Vendor management and data analysis skills strongly required.具备供应商管理和数据分析能力。
  5. Team management experience (CS and ops support) is required.具备团队管理经验(客服和运营支持)。
  6. Good communication skills with a great oral Mandarin/English it is a must.Strong customer service skills with service mentality or customer service oriented.Proficient computer skills, MS Office, and having high attention to details.中文/英语的口语和书写能力好。具备优秀的应变能力、语言表达能力和良好的客户导向服务意识,熟练使用word、excel等常用办公软件,高度重视细节工作。


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