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Customer Service Associate

Full Time

What to expect in this role

About Us 公司介绍

Janio is a cross-border smart logistics solutions provider in Southeast Asia (SEA), connecting merchants, logistics partners, and major industry players across the globe. As we advance towards building this integrated end-to-end logistics network of key players, our evolving data-intelligent platform will empower SEA’s ecommerce businesses to scale quickly and reliably.

Our platform will look to use AI and machine learning to enable real-time tracking, route optimization, warehouse management, and dynamic forecasting — in order to build Southeast Asia’s leading logistics network.


TheCustomer Service Associate will handle the overall customer service issues andsome administrative duties of the warehouse. This includes managing customerqueries and escalating complaints across to management and other stakeholders.The role will also be assisting with the administrative duties like handlingunplanned returns and parcels, processing orders and facilitatingcash-on-delivery process.



The rolewill report to the Customer Service Supervisor and work closely with therelevant stakeholders like service partners and other departments to ensure thesmooth running of the warehouse. A successful candidate will: 



  • Maintain a positive and professional attitude towards customers对客户保持热情和专业的态度。
  • Responding promptly to customer inquiries及时回应客户的询问
  • Communicating with customers and relevant stakeholders through the appropriate channels通过适当的渠道与客户和同事或合作代理商进行沟通。
  • Resolving and acknowledging customer complaints倾听并解决客户的投诉。
  • Knowing the logistic process and how the warehouse works to answer inquiries了解物流流程和仓库的工作方式,以便回答客户询问。
  • Providing feedback on the efficiency of customer service process对客户服务流程的效率提供反馈。
  • Ensuring customer satisfaction and provide professional customer support确保客户满意并提供专业的客户支持。
  • Carry out administrative duties and other tasks assigned by the company执行行政职责和公司分配的其他任务。


  • Minimum 1year working experience in customer service, entry level / fresh grads arewelcome to apply 1年以上客户服务工作经验,欢迎优秀应届毕业生申请
  • Logistics experience is preferred but not compulsory有物流经验者优先。
  • Fluency in written and verbal English is a must; fluency in Mandarin will be advantageous as this role requires dealing with Chinese customers流利的英语书写和口语能力,中文普通话流利。
  • Communication skills to liaise with relevant stakeholders具备良好的沟通能力
  • Working knowledge of Microsoft Office, Word and Excel 熟练使用Microsoft Office, WordExcel等办公软件。


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