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Network Operations Manager

Full Time

What to expect in this role

About Us 公司介绍

Janio is a cross-border smart logistics solutions provider in Southeast Asia (SEA), connecting merchants, logistics partners, and major industry players across the globe. As we advance towards building this integrated end-to-end logistics network of key players, our evolving data-intelligent platform will empower SEA’s ecommerce businesses to scale quickly and reliably.

Our platform will look to use AI and machine learning to enable real-time tracking, route optimization, warehouse management, and dynamic forecasting — in order to build Southeast Asia’s leading logistics network.

Job Responsibilities 岗位职责
  • Align Janio’s operational strategy to meet our commercial and strategic goals, and drive the development of new e-logistics products根据公司的运营战略,达成我们的商业和战略目标,并推动新的电子物流产品的开发。
  • Collaborate and align with business development teams, and actively participate in weekly meetings to support key commercial objectives与市场业务团队密切合作,积极参与每周例会以支持制定的关键业绩目标
  • Be responsible for vendor performance management – establish and manage the service standards and performance of all vendors, third party providers, and other external stakeholders负责供应商的绩效管理-建立和管理所有供应商、第三方供应商和其他外部利益相关者的服务标准和绩效考核。
  • Oversee escalation and resolution frameworks, commercial negotiation, and cost optimization监督升级运营结构和解决框架问题,持续进行商务谈判和成本优化。
  • Establish, monitor, revise, document, and communicate all operational SOPs for adherence across teams at a local and regional level建立、监控、修改、记录和沟通所有操作标准和规程,以确保当地和区域团队的严格遵守。
  • Oversee the import, export, or breakbulk process to ensure all SOPs are adhered to and processed efficiently in a manner that meets all compliance requirements监督进口、出口或散货的物流运输流程,以确保所有标准作业程序的遵守和有效的处理方式,满足所有合规性要求。
  • Work closely with Airline/Carriers or Co-loaders, and oversee agents regarding shipment details and problem resolution与航空公司/承运商或副承运商紧密合作,监督代理商有关运输细节和问题的解决。
  • Identify and resolve issues causing delays in air/ocean cargo movement识别并解决导致空运/海运货物运输延误的问题
  • Work collaboratively with cross-functional and technical teams to drive new operational designs, and oversee the end-to-end development of key operational projects与职能和技术团队协作,推动新的运营业务设计,并监督关键运营项目的端到端开发。
  • Take part in cross-department(s) coordination to manage product development and cost-control to achieve P&L target参与跨部门协调,管理产品开发和成本控制,以实现损益目标
  • Review product performance from the aspect of service and cost, supported by data analysis通过数据分析,从服务和成本方面评估产品性能
  • Work proactively and closely with related business stakeholders to meet customers’ expectations, and manage project implementation and execution to ensure that OKRs are met积极主动地与相关业务利益相关者密切合作,以满足客户的期望,并管理项目的实施和执行,以确保满足目标与关键结果的达成
Job Requirements 任职要求
  • Possess a degree in Business, Supply Chain or Operations related fields商业、供应链或运营相关专业
  • Min. 5 years of working experience in Vendor Management, Business Intelligence or Operations and Supply Chain related fields至少5年供应商管理、商业智能或运营和供应链相关领域的工作经验
  • A background in operational experience in eCommerce or the logistics industry is preferred有电子商务或物流行业运营经验者优先
  • A strong, independent contributor who has demonstrated success in leading, supervising, managing, and developing high performance teams拥有在领导、监督、管理和发展高绩效团队方面的成功经验
  • Ability to think quantitatively and qualitatively about operating processes and outcomes能够对运营过程和结果进行定量和定性思考。
  • Knowledge of logistics including Air Operations as well as experience in planning and vendor management in e-logistics is a plus具备物流(包括空中运营)专业知识,有电子物流计划和供应商管理经验者优先
  • Industry standard training/certification such as DG Certification is a plus参加过行业标准培训/认证,如DG认证优先
  • Knowledgeable in International trade, with basic understanding of Customs Compliance, Rules and Regulations, and import and export administrations is a plus熟悉国际贸易,对海关法规、进出口管理有基本了解者优先
  • Good writing, communication, and interpersonal skills良好的写作、沟通和人际交往能力
  • Excellent active listening, negotiation, and communication skills优秀的倾听、谈判和沟通技巧
  • Continuous optimizer – always looking out for ways to make things better and more efficient能够持续优化工作——总是寻找让事情变得更好、更有效率的方法
  • Experience working in an entrepreneurial and fast-paced environment, with the ability to lead and adapt in a changing business environment具有创业和快节奏环境下的工作经验,具有领导和适应不断变化的商业环境的能力
  • Logical, measured along with the ability to solve problems in a way that inspires enthusiasm in others to help逻辑性,与解决问题的能力相一致,这种解决问题的能力能激发他人帮助的热情
  • Comfortable with ambiguity, and consistently demonstrates a strong drive for excellence适应性强,并始终表现出追求卓越的强烈动力。
  • Ability to perform under pressure and in stressful situations 抗压能力强。


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