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Business Development

Business Development Manager

Full Time

What to expect in this role



Janio is a cross-border smart logistics solutionsprovider in Southeast Asia (SEA), connecting merchants, logistics partners, andmajor industry players across the globe. As we advance towards building thisintegrated end-to-end logistics network of key players, our evolvingdata-intelligent platform will empower SEA’s ecommerce businesses to scalequickly and reliably.


Our platform will look to use AI and machine learningto enable real-time tracking, route optimization, warehouse management, anddynamic forecasting — in order to build Southeast Asia’s leading logisticsnetwork.




Janio is looking for a BusinessDevelopment Manager to join our rapidly expanding team in Shenzhen, China. This position isexposed to multiple aspects of setting up a business in a fast-paced startupenvironment. We invite candidates with an entrepreneurial and motivatedmindset, as well as a keen interest in combining logistics with newtechnologies, to apply.





The successful candidate will:

  • Be the primary point of contactfor the customer, representing all our services and solutions, with focus incross border eCommerce logistics 作为客户的主要联系人,代表公司所有的服务和解决方案,专注于跨境电商物流业务
  • Analyze market trends toexplore potential markets and clients  分析市场趋势,挖掘潜在市场业务和客户
  • Conduct proactive sales calls,visits and presentations to new clients 对新客户进行积极的销售联系、拜访和服务演示
  • Design,plan and present logistics solutions to meet clients requirements 设计、规划和提供物流解决方案,以满足客户的需求
  • Coordinate and facilitateeffective internal and external communications to drive business growth 协调和促进有效的内部和外部沟通,以推动销售业务增长
  • Partner with cross-functionalteams on RFQ, pricing and handover preparations 与职能团队合作,做好询价、定价和交接准备工作
  • Participate in sales &marketing activities to promote awareness in the market and develop newbusiness opportunities 参与销售和市场活动,提高市场认知度,开发新的业务机会
  • Update CRM tools to keep trackof sales activities, customer data and market intelligence 更新客户关系管理工具,跟踪销售活动,收集客户数据和市场动态信息
  •  Perform any other ad-hoc tasksassigned by manager 完成经理安排的其他工作。




 You are best equipped for this role if you possess/are:

  • Degree holderwith minimum 3 years’ experience in the logistics industry. Related experiencein the e-Commerce/technology industry is a plus 3年以上物流行业工作经验,有电子商务/物流行业相关经验者优先
  •  Proven salestrack record 丰富的销售经验。
  • Developing growthstrategies and plans 制定业绩增长战略和目标。
  • Ability toinfluence key decision makers (CEO, COO, Head of Departments). 拥有能为上级领导提供有用信息(首席执行官,首席运营官,部门主管)的能力。
  • Fluency in bothoral and written English and a 2nd language (Fluency in dialects is an addedadvantage) 流利的英语口语和书写能力,会第二语言(会流利的方言为加分项)
  • Computer literacyand good digital skills (i.e. Microsoft Office, in particular PowerPoint,Excel) 计算机能力和良好的数字技能(例如Microsoft Office,特别是PowerPoint, Excel)
  •  Ability toconvince and negotiate stakeholders 良好的沟通和协商谈判能力
  • Stronginterpersonal skills and networking capabilities 具有较强的人际交往能力
  • Strongorganisation skills and high attention to details 较强的组织能力和重视细节工作
  • Ability to adaptto a fast-paced, startup environment 能够适应快节奏的创业环境
  • Self-MotivatedIndividual who is able to work independently 自我驱动力强,能够独立开展工作


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