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Business Development

Business Development Executive

Fixed Term Full Time

What to expect in this role

About Us 公司介绍

Janio is a cross-border smart logistics solutions provider in Southeast Asia (SEA), connecting merchants, logistics partners, and major industry players across the globe. As we advance towards building this integrated end-to-end logistics network of key players, our evolving data-intelligent platform will empower SEA’s ecommerce businesses to scale quickly and reliably.

Our platform will look to use AI and machine learning to enable real-time tracking, route optimization, warehouse management, and dynamic forecasting — in order to build Southeast Asia’s leading logistics network.

The Role 职位职责

跨境物流销售 - 工作职责:
  • Market development and development of freight forwarders and clients of cross-border e-commerce (China-Southeast Asia) 负责市场开拓,开发货代和跨境电商(中国-东南亚)的客户
  • Collect market information and client suggestions,accurately convey the company's product and service information to clients 负责收集市场信息和客户建议,向客户精准传递公司产品与服务信息。
  • Analyze the clients needs and devise a sound and reasonable sales plan to establish long term partnership and Company’s revenue growth 负责深度挖掘客户需求,寻求创新合作模式及业务增长点。
  • Explored clients needs, followed up and managed key clients, provided targeted logistics solutions, promoted the sales process by project marketing, and expanded the sales performance 负责挖掘客户需求并跟进管理大客户,提供针对性的物流解决方案,运用项目营销方式推动销售进程,拓展销售业绩。
  • Docking with the headquarters and branches in Southeast Asian countries, proposing logistics solution requirements, and giving feedback and optimizing existing solutions 负责与新加坡总部及东南亚各国分部对接,提出物流方案需求,并对现有方案进行反馈与优化
  • Take ownership of the entire sales cycle, which includes cold calling, sales proposal, contract negotiation, etc. to fully onboard client 负责完成客户需求沟通、方案出具、合同谈判等重要环节
  • Working closely with internal stakeholders to ensure smooth operations and customer satisfaction 参与内部沟通协作,确保公司内部营运顺利与客户满意度。
  • Completed individual sales KPI, achieving the set targets and revenue 完成个人绩效指标,达成公司要求的销售目标和毛利
  • Complete necessary work as required 完成上级交代的相关任务工作

Job Requirements 任职要求

  • College degree or above 全日制大学专科及以上学历
  • At least 1 year working experience in logistics 1年及以上物流行业相关工作经验
  • Good communication skills with a great oral Mandarin/English it is a must and good written in Mandarin/English would be an advantage 中文/英语的口语和书写能力好
  • Love marketing work, have good interpersonal communication skills, strong sense of responsibility and team spirit 热爱营销工作,具备良好人际沟通能力、责任心和团队意识


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